Afghanistan Evacuation and Resettlement Resources

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2022 年 3 月 18 日更新。

Background: In April, the Biden Administration announced that all American troops will be withdrawing from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the war, September 11, 2021, months beyond the May 1st deadline the Trump Administration had negotiated in 2020 with the Taliban. In July, the Biden administration unveiled evacuation plans for at-risk Afghans, Operation Allied Refuge, and announced that U.S. troops will withdraw by August 31, 2021. On July 30th, a group of over 200 Afghans arrived in Washington D.C., the first flight of Operation Allies Refuge. Meanwhile, conditions in Afghanistan continued to deteriorate as Taliban forces rapidly took over the country, gaining control of Kabul by mid-August. Since July, the U.S. government evacuated more than 120,000 people, and on August 30, the final U.S. troops departed Afghanistan. However, there have been estimates that thousands of Afghans with U.S. ties remain. The Administration has said it intends to use diplomatic channels on an ongoing basis to help U.S. citizens and permanent residents, citizens of allied nations, special immigrant visa applicants and Afghans at high risk leave Afghanistan.


Types of Protections for Which Afghans May Be Eligible

  • 特殊移民签证 (Special Immigrant Visa, SIV):SIV 计划适用于受雇于美国政府或受雇于代表美国政府的机构的阿富汗国民。符合 SIV 条件的个人及其直系亲属可以直接向美国申请重新安置。在他们的案件获得批准后,SIV 持有者从当地的安置机构获得安置服务。
  • Priority 2 (P2) 难民指定:这一新的 P2 指定于 8 月 2 日宣布,适用于不符合 SIV 计划具体要求的阿富汗国民及其家庭成员,包括在阿富汗为美国政府资助的项目或项目、美国的媒体机构或非政府组织工作的阿富汗人。
  • 人道主义假释 (Humanitarian Parole):人道主义假释是一种临时身份,允许被假释者在指定的时间内留在美国,同时申请长期解决方案。8 月 23 日,国土安全部宣布,将利用其人道主义假释权力撤离多达 50,000 名可能有资格获得 SIV 或 P2 身份但尚未完成这些身份程序的阿富汗人。阿富汗假释者将获得两年的免驱逐保护,并有资格申请工作许可。但是,在他们被授予单独身份(如受庇护者、SIV 等)之前,他们无法获得安置服务或福利。
  • 临时保护身份 (TPS):2022 年 3 月 16 日,国土安全部指定阿富汗为期 18 个月的TPS。TPS 可以为身在美国、符合条件的阿富汗国民提供免于驱逐和工作许可的保护。请访问我们的 TPS 页面了解更多信息。

Resources for Afghans Seeking Assistance

Resources for Those Seeking to Support or Help Afghan Evacuees

Accessing Services in New York City

  • 阿富汗领事馆 (Consulate of Afghanistan) – 如需与一位代表讨论您遇到的问题,请于周一至周五上午 9:00 至下午12 点之间拨打致电 212-972-2276 或 212-972-2277 并选择分机 x458 联系阿富汗领事馆。
  • A quick and easy road map of city services available to all New Yorkers can be accessed in Dari and in Pashto.
  • Ask MOIA Hotline 如果您对移民或者如何获得城市服务有任何疑问,可寻求用您的语言提供的帮助。请于周一至周五上午 9 点至下午 5 点,拨打市长移民事务办公室 (Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, MOIA) 的热线电话 212-788-7654,或发送电子邮件到